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What? A New Sport for the 21st Century
Why? To make motorsport more accessible
How? Through building a network of Puretech Racing Centres, private clients and corporate clients all using BRD state of the art simulator technology

Pure Racing

PTR is about putting everyone in the driver’s seat

Racing redefined - PureTech Racing is about making motorsport accessible and engaging to a new and wider audience.

PureTech Racing is a fusion of the most advanced racing simulation technology with real world racing to create a totally new and entertaining sport to meet the requirements of an ever more discerning and demanding, experience seeking audience.

Pure Technology

PTR Racing

Created by Ball Racing Developments ( who for over 16 years has developed award winning professional simulator technology to some of the World’s leading racing teams and drivers in F1, GP2, GP3 and F3. In 2010 BRD was presented with the Professional MotorSport World Expo Award for Motorsport Technology of the year in recognition of innovative thinking and the increasingly important development role that simulation technology is playing in motorsport.

PureTech Racing (PTR) was created for the consumer market as the fusion of the most advanced motorsport racing simulation technology to create a totally new and entertaining sport to meet the requirements of an ever more discerning, experience seeking audience.  To prove the concept, the PTR pilot Racing Centre near Gatwick Airport (UK) was opened in May 2010 and featured 10 full motion racing simulators which allowed head to head, wheel to wheel racing action at over 1.5G, giving:  “Pure Racing, Pure Technology: Pure Experience”™. The Pilot centre was sold in March 2012 and is now operated under the Let's Race brand. Moving the experience on, the new PTR Race Centres will include the next generation of technology due to be unveiled in Summer 2012.

Pure Experience

PTR Experience

Drivers experience similar physiological reactions as a driver in a 'real' car, such as the elevated heart rate and heightened concentration as the full motion simulators create an adrenalin surging 1.5 G of force in a completely authentic racing environment.  The performance in simulated race trim includes:

British IndyCar driver Mike Conway

As described by top British IndyCar driver Mike Conway:
"The simulator is very realistic and you can really feel the rear tyres working, which is hard to incorporate into a simulator. It gives realistic feel and good feedback, both when shifting up through the gears, and the motion cues are excellent under braking and through high speed corners."


The emphasis on racing means that for spectators there is great racing to watch. PTR has developed a sophisticated race broadcast TV system that delivers the incredible wheel to wheel action to large screens around the Racing Centre. With exciting racing action on screen you will forget you are not watching a ‘real world’ broadcast event, plus it has the added benefit of you knowing you can take part yourself. Watching TV need no longer be a passive engagement with the sport but the springboard for getting involved yourself.

A New Sport for the 21st Century

PTR Results

Racing adds a new rung on the motorsport ladder enabling racing enthusiasts to engage hands on as a driver and not just as a passive spectator. An essential part of the concept is that PTR works with existing real world race teams to provide a potential career path for drivers who come through PTR that display the skill and aptitude to also race on a real world track.

The aim of PTR is that these drivers will be PTR sponsored drivers who get to race on the basis of skill not ability to pay. Ultimately PTR will operate its own funded teams and series which exist for and are developed by the PTR racing community whether racing in centre or on track. The synergy of the two racing media will be the basis of the new motorsport for the 21st Century in which on track drivers can compete against in centre drivers on a level playing field based solely on skill and aptitude. All members of the PureTech Racing global network will have opportunity to contribute to and be elected to the governing council of the new sport, which will evolve the rules, regulations and the progression of the sport and its technology.

New Racing Centres

PTR plans to offer the opportunity to individuals and organisations to take on the rights to open and operate new PTR racing centres around the world. These centres will all utilise identical hardware and software and operate racing competitions and leagues according the rules set down by the PTR Governing Council. This means that there will be a completely level playing field so that drivers in any centre anywhere in the world can race head to head against any other drivers anywhere else in local, national and international races.

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